About Us

My name is Joe Migrala and I am a serious ‘animaloholic’. I have had animals around me throughout my life since I was born. Throughout my life, I have always had a soft spot for animals who were in need. I have been known to go to the shelter and rescue an animal on the first nice day in April. As a result, I currently have 2 cats and 3 dogs, all of which are spoiled rotten and who I love dearly.

You may be wondering why I ever wanted to start an animal charity in the first place. Primarily, it has to do with who I am and my early childhood. One of my first memories as a child was when my aunt took me to the Lindenwold Animal Shelter to volunteer. I volunteered for only a few weeks. Because I was a young child, this did not last too long as I felt my childhood schedule was too busy!

Quickly fast forward my life 15 years.

One of the employees at my day job was killed riding his bike by a drunk driver. Instantly, I realized that life is too short to just throw it away. As I looked over my life, I realized that I have not achieved anything of great importance. Sure, I own a house, have a loving wife, and even have a good job in these tough economic times. But, if I died today, I have not made any kind of significant contribution to society. From that point, I knew I had to make a change. And I knew it had to do with animals.

The resulting idea I came up with is now my life’s mission: “To raise money for self-supporting animal shelters and for people with ill animals who cannot afford to pay their vet bills.”

* My mission is to benefit animals in desperate need of help.
* My mission is to help pet owners in need to care for their pets.
* My mission is to financially accomplish what I will need to meet my goals.
* My mission is NOT to use any money that could easily benefit the charity.
* My mission does NOT include a burdening administration of 5 directors, 3 secretaries, and a treasurer.

Yes, it will require money to make money. However, only a minimum will go toward the charity’s operating costs. The rest is for the care of the animals who are so much in need.